How Is Black Hat SEO Different From White Hat SEO?

How Is Black Hat SEO Different From White Hat SEO?

When talking about the SEO industry, you will learn about several opinions about site optimization. Many tactics are available to improve the site reach, but you need to be aware of the difference between black and white hats SEO. Both techniques have various distinctions, and to enhance them well, you need to know those distinctions.

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is the ethical way of optimizing a site. The methods mean and processes used in it are all done in a legal way. To get more deep idea about this technique, you need to know about its three criteria:

Follow Search Engine Guidelines

White hat SEO is one that follows the Webmaster Guidelines of Google. These guidelines are the rules laid down by Google for defining the correct way of optimizing a site. Simply said about the white hat is that there is no need to be manipulative; just follow the guidelines using the technique.

Focuses on Human Audience

White hat SEO technique includes highly beneficial changes from the audience’s point of view. When you give your visitors the best results, that means you are doing great with this technique. It would include posting high-quality content.

Takes Long Term Approach

The techniques which spend time following the guidelines and creating a positive user approach are time-consuming. It also makes it a long-term approach that gives effective results. Some examples of this kind of link building are Quora & Forum Comments.

White hat SEO techniques are an ethical way of site optimization, so it comes up with some principles. Some of the basic principles which you need to know about it are:

  • Making pages for particular users and not for search engines
  • Avoiding tactics used explicitly for improving search engine  rankings
  • Thinking about your website’s value, uniqueness, and engagement

Black Hat SEO

Talking black-hat SEO is the opposite of white-hat SEO. It is considered an unethical way of site optimization. It also has some criteria which need to be fulfilled to know about it:

Violates Search Engine Guidelines

Black hat SEO techniques usually violate the guidelines of Google. Therefore, the guidelines framed by Google have referred to it as the practices which should not be used for site optimization.

Relies On Manipulative Tactics

Black hat SEO does not focus on enhancing the user’s experience. But it relies on improving rankings by manipulating the algorithm of Google.

Focuses on Quick Wins

Most of the tactics used in black hat SEO are based on exploiting the shortcomings of the algorithm of Google. Also, the results are short term which cannot provide the visitors with effective results. This reflects that the black hat SEO techniques are risking the ranking of the sites.    

Black hat SEO techniques come up with various consequences as it is not an ethical way of optimizing the site. Some of the results that occur due to usage of it can be:

  • Automatically generation of content
  • Cloaking
  • Hidden links or text
  • Scraped content
  • Doorway pages
  • Sneaky redirects
  • Sending automated queries

Final Words

When using different SEO techniques, just know about them before using them. Both the black and white hat SEO has their consequences and principles. When you know clearly about them, you can only use them at their best for site optimization.

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