4 Significant Factors That Can Affect SEO Ranking in 2023

4 Significant Factors That Can Affect SEO Ranking in 2023

These days’ businesses not only compete in the market but also on search engines. Now customers are aware that if they want to find something, then they just need to search for its name on a search engine. Therefore businesses use online marketing skills to make their websites top the search list of every user.

Now to compete with the search engine, they need to keep up with their algorithm. So to maintain the algorithm correctly, they frequently introduce new changes to make users’ browsing better. If you are also planning to make your business rank at the top in 2023, then it is crucial to know about the factors that affect the SEO ranking of a website.

Factors Affecting SEO Rankings

Mobile Optimization

Many people think that mobile optimization is an outdated concept, but that is not true. The algorithm is more idealized for the optimization of the website for mobile devices. That is because most users access websites through mobile devices.

Thus it is essential to see if the website is loading properly or do the users are facing any issues. Because a bit of inconvenience can make them choose your competitor’s website. So make sure to keep your website organized and have a higher CTR (click-through rate). 

User Experience

The overall experience of users offered by the website is considered important for ranking. Therefore, factors like accessibility, good-quality images, video content, and a number of redirects are recorded.

 For users, the content should be enjoyable and basic. So that they can navigate quickly through the website and find relevant content. Do not display useless information and advertisements, as they can degrade your rankings.

Choose the Right Keyword

Google’s algorithm only shows results that are related to searches. Therefore choosing the right keywords is crucial for your website. The keywords will help you to enlist in search results like business lists and profiles. This makes users curious, and they will end up opening your website.

One needs to do proper research to know which keywords constitute more searches. Serps (search engine result pages) are getting advanced and bring the website to the top whose keywords are fit for search.

Voice Search Optimization

The rise of technology has turned people towards voice assistants such as Alexa and google assistant. Instead of typing now, they just speak out the query and get the desired search result. According to analysts, voice searches are in high demand these days.

Thus, one needs to attach keywords that people are more likely to use in voice searches. So optimizing the content according to voice search can help you increase your website’s ranking.


Earlier mentioned were some of the significant factors that can affect SEO ranking in 2023. One can hire an SEO agency if one cannot keep up the website by themselves.

There is a new algorithm called BERT that leverages machine learning capacity and reduces the user’s intent behind it. Keyword search is the best to boost your ranking as they help to get visitors by taking you to the top.

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